My SweeTooth

Name: My SweeTooth

Address: 301 Main St West, Hamilton, ON L8P1J3

Phones: n/a


Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12PM-6PM

Reservations: No

Price Range: $-$$

What I tried: Matcha Cream puff, Earl Grey Cream puff, Soya Cream puff, Strawberry Shortcake, Matcha Crepe Cake, Mango Crepe Cake, Cream Mustache Assam and Matcha Latte.


  • The two owners are absolutely adorable! As soon as you visit the store, everyone is SUPER friendly and very excited to have you.

  • I had the pleasure of speaking with Jia the owner the both times I was there. She is such a delightful person, always ready to recommend and speak on the deserts.

  • I love a place that will go out of their way to tell you how they make their pastries and speak highly of the flavors and quality.

  • Everyone here went above and beyond and made my time there so special in which I will be returning every chance I get!

  • 5/5


  • I am the kind of person that if I see matcha or Earl Grey on the menu, I will order those every time. I was not disappointed by the 3 matcha flavored options I decided to try. The matcha cream puff was simply amazing. The matcha cream filling was light yet extremely flavorful. Not too sweet but also not missing the distinct matcha flavor and going for $5 a piece. The Matcha crepe cake was the one item I had seen on social media that made me go to the shop when they opened to try it. I am so happy I did! It was light and very fresh. The cream and matcha flavors were not bitter or overpowering. I know how long it takes to make a crepe cake as it is very labor intensive. It is a little bit on the pricy side for this reason as it goes for $12 a slice. The matcha latte was perfect on a cold cloudy day. I opted for a half sweet version and it will definitely be something I would be going for again. You can tell that the matcha is a high quality version that you do not need to use much in order to get the colour and taste.

  • My favourite item from everything I did try was the Earl Grey cream puff. I love a good Earl Grey dessert and this delivered such great flavors. The earl grey flavor was recognizable and strong but at the same time not taking away from the choux pastry and cream filling.

  • The soya cream puff on the other hand was a unique experience. Very subtle in soya flavours but a very custardy texture to its filling. If you are looking for something that isn't sweet at all, this would be a great option.

  • The strawberry shortcake was delicious! I would willingly eat the entire cake if given the opportunity. The sponge was so extremely soft and fluffy that it melts in the mouth. The strawberries and cream give the cake great depth and make it a fantastic cake.

  • The mango crepe cake was also a good one. Chunks of mango can be seen between the layers and the mango cream made the crepe cake super moist and delicious.

  • The mustache assam tea is a tea that is topped up with cream foam. I had a hot tea but with cold cream foam and WOW was it delicious. The combination of hot and cold with the creamiest foam made this tea to die for. It is something I would get if I was having just one dessert as it is a heavier drink.

  • There are so many other items I want to try on my next visit and cannot wait to do so! The most perfect Asian fusion bakery with flavors and textures from Japan, China, South East Asia and France.


  • It is a quaint and cute little shop with minimalist decoration. White and blush pink walls make the shop look bigger and brighter.

  • There is a fairly big sitting area upstairs should you decide to have your pastries to stay. The lighting by the windows are great should you want to take photos.

  • Great spot to read, work or just stay in on a rainy day.

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