Electric Diner

Name: Electric Diner

Address: 96 George St, Hamilton, ON L8P 1E2

Phones: (905) 526-9512

Website: https://www.electricdinerhamilton.com/

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM-11PM, Friday-Saturday 10AM-2AM, Sunday 10AM-8PM

Reservations: No

Price Range: $$-$$$

What I tried: Diner Deviled Eggs, The Standard with Cheese Burger and Revenge of the Birds Burger.


  • The service was all right. Nothing special or above and beyond. I was expecting a little more description of the menu and of the new restaurant as we were the only ones dining at the time.

  • It was a transactional dining experience.

  • 3/5


  • The Diner Deviled eggs were delicious! Great texture of the yolks and it had a little kick with the paprika on it. The best part of the whole dish was the fried capers on it. That detail on this dish was extremely well done and I would put that on everything if I could.

  • The fries that came with our burgers were so good! It was shoestring fries and was cooked really well. The seasoning on it was also very good and not too salty.

  • The standard cheese burger was also fresh and very tasty. If you want a classic burger with the classic toppings, this would be the burger for you.

  • The revenge of the Birds burger was fantastic. The chicken was breaded and deep fried to perfection. My only issue with it was that it lacked some spice or seasoning to it. Besides that, it was a great burger and the bun also made a huge difference as it was soft and very fresh.

  • The best part of the entire meal was the hot sauce that I asked for. They make them in house and it was excellent. Not too spicy but a great addition to the burgers.

  • 4/5


  • The diner is a beautiful space and has a great aesthetic. This is an 80's inspired diner with 80's music blaring on the speakers and with 80's art decorated. It is a great change from the typical 50's or 60's inspired diner.

  • The colours were bright and neon which added a great touch to the space. The restaurant was very inviting and had a great atmosphere.

  • If you venture upstairs, a projector will be playing 80's films and there is also a working jukebox for you to listen to some great 80's tunes.

  • 5/5

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