Osten Beerhall + Cafe 1011

Name: Osten Beerhall

Address: 1103 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2J5

Phones: (905) 312-4510

Website: https://osten1101.com/

Hours: Monday-Thursday 3PM-11PM, Friday 3PM-12AM, Saturday 11AM-12AM, Sunday 11AM-11PM

Reservations: Yes, via online booking or phone.

Price Range: $$-$$$

What I tried: Cheese and potato pierogies, braised brisket, warm potato salad, Hungarian goulash, Montreal style Rib Steak, Apple Cake with stout ice cream, honey cake with sour cream icing, stout ice cream with sponge toffee, Godspeed Yuzu Saison, Gin Rummy Cocktail & Quite a Pear Cocktail.


  • The service was good. Our Server was thorough with the menu and offered a lot of options.

  • 4/5


  • The Pierogies were delightful as it was one of the more authentic ones I have tried so far. I am so used to frozen pierogies that this was a great reminder of why I need to have fresh homemade ones more often. It was flavourful and cooked perfectly.

  • The braised brisket was great as well. It was tender and had a wonderful sauce to it. It also came with homemade rye bread that was a perfect combo to this dish.

  • The warm potato salad had to have been my favorite dish. The potatoes were cooked so well and had great seasoning on it. The purple cabbage and yogurt that came with it gave the dish a lot of depth and was so delicious.

  • The Hungarian goulash was excellent. It was hearty, warm and very comforting especially on a cold rainy day. It had lamb meatballs, sausage, yogurt and pita bread which was a great combo for a meal.

  • The Montreal style rib steak was just that. A slab of massive steak that I paired with the warm potato salad as it did not come with any sides. The steak however was cooked to absolute perfection. It was juicy, perfectly rare to medium rare and was seasoned so beautifully. I did not have to add any sauce or additions to it to spruce up the dish. I would definitely get this steak again.

  • The apple cake with the stout ice cream was amazing. The apple cake was moist and tasted so homemade whilst the stout ice cream was to die for. You can taste the Guiness as an aftertaste and it does not overpower the taste of the ice cream.

  • The honey cake with sour cream icing is something out of this world. It was sweet, salty and extremely light but rich at the same time. The sour cream icing was light almost like a whipped cream. The whole dish was not too sweet and perfect for after a heavy meal.

  • The cocktails were strong and very well made. We had the cocktails and some dessert at the adjourning cafe 1101.

  • 5/5


  • As you walk to the bright blue building, you will enter through big beautiful church doors to have the wonderful restaurant await you.

  • The restaurant is brightly lit with wooden features throughout. The floors, walls, bar tops and chairs all had a wooden finish and have it a German Beer hall look and feel.

  • The bar seating also looked great as you will overlook the open kitchen and watch the chefs in action.

  • We moved on to Cafe 1101 after dinner for drinks and dessert which consist of the exact same menu but the atmosphere was much more modern and trendy. Great place to chat and have drinks but also they offer brunch and snacks throughout the day there as well.

  • 5/5

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