Peaked Pies

Name: Peaked Pies

Address: 4369 Main St #105, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Phones: 6049624115


Hours: Monday-Sunday 8AM-9PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $$

What I tried:

  • Chunky Pepper Steak and the Beef Curry with the add on (Get Peaked).


  • Nestled in the famous Whistler village close to all the action.

  • Traditional Aussie meat pies that are right here in Canada. They have another location in Vancouver as well.

  • Their pies are baked daily and are all handmade in store.

  • Besides the meat pies, they also have sweet and breakfast pies. Not to forget, they also have frozen individually wrapped pies, so you can enjoy them at home!


  • I did not get to try "The Hopper" pie as that was something I was looking forward to. They were all sold out for the day. Also, I got to the shop 10 minutes before they closed so that was my fault.

Must Try:

  • If you are getting a savory pie, I do urge you to try the add on "Get Peaked" option as it makes it a whole hearty meal.

  • I only got the opportunity to try two savory pies and nothing else as I was late and was in a rush. However, they were both amazing. So try any pie really!

  • The Kangaroo Hopper pie did catch my attention so give that a try and let me know how it is!


  • Service was so great. The two ladies that were working there were super friendly and really accommodating seeing that I was "that" customer that comes in right before they close. I am so sorry! I drove 9 hours to get to Whistler and to literally eat here.

  • They gave me an introduction of the menu and let me know what their popular items were.

  • 5/5


  • The Beef curry pie was delicious. For both pies, the crust and pie shells were so good! Flaky, fresh and so delicious.

  • The beef curry added great flavor and spice to an already perfect pie. Apparently the pie crust is made with grass fed butter as well!

  • I got the "Get Peaked" add on for my Beef Curry pie. This pie is then topped off with a generous portion of mashed potatoes, on top of that a scoop of mushy green peas and then gravy is added. The mashed potatoes and mushy peas were so delicious as well. This combo was definitely very heavy but oh so good! Great texture and flavors.

  • The chunky pepper steak pie was also extremely appetizing. The pepper gave the dish an extra kick but not overpowering in flavors. We did not get the "get peaked" option for this as we wanted to try a pie by itself. The steak in this pie was soft, and extremely flavorful.

  • Eat it with a fork or eat it with your hands, it does not matter as these pies will be in your belly in 5 minutes as they are just that good.

  • 5/5


  • This is a small restaurant located in Whistler Village. 3-4 tables and 4 bar chairs by the window. We opted to sit at the window to enjoy the pies and have a view.

  • I would decribe this location as small but cozy. Some art decorate the walls but the pies are definitely the main attraction. As soon as you walk into the store, the pies are in a showcase front and center where you cannot miss them.

  • Great vibe and spot to grab a quick bite for lunch or dinner.

  • 5/5


  • The next time I find myself in Whistler or Vancouver, my mission is to try the Kangaroo pie! This place did not disappoint with their flavors and handmade pies. Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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