Beta5 Chocolates

Name: Beta5 Chocolates

Address: 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P8

Phones: 6046693336


Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10.30AM-5.30PM, Satuday-Sunday 10AM-5PM, Monday: Closed.

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried:

  • Vietnamese Coffee Cream Puff, Lychee Rose Cream Puff, Yuzu Matcha Chocolate, Thai Mango Chocolate and Kaya Toast Polygon bar.


  • One of North America's Top Ten Chocolatiers and known internationally for their desserts.

  • They only use directly traded artisanal chocolates and all the cacao used in their products are ethical and sustainable.

  • Besides the cacao, they use mostly ingredients and flavors that are local and organic.

  • Their flavors are unique, ethnic but with a French twist.

  • Their creations and location are inspired by the local landscape and other worldly flavors.


  • The location as unique as it is was hard to get to if you do not drive. Make sure you have the GPS!

Must Try:

  • Once in awhile they do have special features. Give those a try and I have heard of good they are. When I was there unfortunately there weren't anything out of the ordinary.

  • I wished I could have tried all the cream puffs. All the flavors were unique and sounded delicious. Give any of them a try!

  • The chocolate bon bons are something you can try individually or as a set. Just like the cream puffs, the flavors all sounded exciting and interesting.


  • The service great. They explained to me what the specials were as well as what their top sellers were.

  • Friendly and very informative.

  • 5/5


  • The Vietnamese Coffee cream puff was delicious. The cream puff itself was light and airy while the cream was extremely smooth and subtle. The coffee flavor came through the most and did not disappoint.

  • The lychee rose cream puff was also a great one! The lychee flavor did overpower the rose in this cream puff, but all in all it was delicious. Both cream puffs were not extremely sweeet and had a great balance with its flavors.

  • The Yuzu Matcha chocolate was just heavenly. Amazing balance between yuzu and matcha with both flavors noticeable. The chocolate was rich and was the perfect bite. \

  • The Thai Mango chocolate was also just as good but the only difference was that the mango was more evident than the Thai tea in this chocolate. Still great in flavor and taste.

  • 5/5


  • This unique chocolate shop is located in a very industrial area. Upon arriving you will think that you are at a cargo loading dock. However, once you enter the shop you will be pleasantly surprised but the colors and smells that this shop produces.

  • Behind the cashier and menu, you will see an open concept kitchen where the bakers are hard at work.

  • Very minimalist in decoration but filled with their products and merch.

  • 5/5


  • The next time I find myself in Vancouver I will definitely stop by Beta5 again to try everything else! So many options to little time. Give it a try!!

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