Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine

Name: Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine

Address: 3330 32 St NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5Y9

Phones: 4034503880


Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-8PM, Sunday 11AM-5PM, Monday - Closed

Reservation: Yes (Via telephone)

Price Range: $$

What I tried:

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak Combo, Roti with Curry Chicken, Seafood Curry Laksa with Yellow Noodles, Cold Milo with Milo Powder and White Coffee with Milo.


  • Authentic Malaysian food outside of Malaysia right here in Calgary!

  • Traditional well known dishes from Malaysia available here. A combo of Malaysian Indian, Chinese and Malay dishes. Also some Taiwanese dishes as they are branded as a Malaysian/Taiwanese restaurant.

  • Owners are from Malaysia and this is as close to authentic as you can get.


  • If you do not drive and are not from Calgary, perhaps the location will throw you off. It is hard to get to as it is outside of downtown Calgary and in a plaza.

Must Try:

  • The Nasi Lemak Combo and the Seafood Curry Laksa was my absolute favorite. Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian staple and pretty much our national dish. Give this a try and you surely will not be disappointed.

  • I personally have bags of Milo at home and I have been drinking it since I was a baby. Try the Iced Milo with Milo powder! It is delicious and so refreshing. I get it without additional sugar as it is already sweet enough.


  • The service is great and very friendly. The lady that works there is super approachable and does a great job. Going in the second time around after 2 months, she remembered me and knew what I liked. It was a very personal experience and made it all the more better. I told her that I am Malaysian and that I am homesick for home food. She checked on me multiple times to see if it was as good as food from home.

  • Food also came out fast and hot even though it was a full house.

  • 5/5


  • The Hainanese Chicken rice was delicious. Everything about is was reminiscent to what we get at home. The rice, soya sauce, chili blend and chicken were all delicious and so flavorful. The aroma of ginger, garlic and steamed chicken was to die for and authentic.

  • The nasi lemak combo had a huge portion. Rice, egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, sambal and a huge side of chicken curry. I was in heaven after this dish. I even had half a portion for dinner that evening. The sambal was very authentic and spicy! The chicken curry was extremely flavorful and delicious. It all worked together as how a great Nasi Lemak usually does.

  • The curry chicken with roti was also very good. The same curry chicken from the Nasi Lemak combo but with Roti Canai instead of rice. It all worked together and was appetizing. You can get either curry chicken or curry beef for the roti as well.

  • The Curry Laksa was amazing. You have a choice between seafood, chicken, beef, fish or beef balls, or a vegetable laksa. Also, you can pick between yellow or vermicelli noodles. I went with the seafood and yellow noodle Laksa. My mom is from the part of Malaysia that specializes in Laksa and because of this she is an expert laksa maker and I am forever biased. However, the laksa here is delicious as ever. Although not my mothers level of laksa, it definitely is something I would order again and again. Great level of spice and extremely flavorful with spices. I also ordered a side of sambal to go with the laksa. This gives it an extra kick to the dish.

  • 5/5


  • Small little restaurant in an industrial plaza that fits probably 25-30 people at a time. The both times I did venture out here, it was packed with people and this gave me an indication that it had quality food.

  • This restaurant is not fancy or high end so do not expect that. It is a very basic and simple restaurant as you are going there for the food and nothing else. Maybe I was nostalgic of home however, it had everything I needed and that was enough.

  • 5/5


  • I made a joke with the server that EVERY TIME I come to Calgary for groceries I will be eating here. So far that has been true as there are so many things on the menu I still want to try. Give it a go and you surely will not be disappointed! I will make the two hour drive from Lake Louise just for the Milo.

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