Address: 328 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1H2

Phones: 9055257974


Hours: Sunday-Tuesday 8AM-6PM, Wed-Sat 8AM-8PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $-$$

What I tried: Pear Tart, regular latte and a decaf latte.


  • Located conveniently on James St N, adding to the ever growing area.

  • Unique theme and concept for a café in Hamilton.

  • One of the few café's that is open later into the night and serve alcohol, food and evening entertainment.


  • The top reason why I was going to visit Synonym was because I heard so much buzz around the Mac & Cheese. However, when I visited the shop I was told it was for dinner only on weekends. So then I messaged their Instagram to ask when I can come try the Mac & Cheese and I was told that it was only for lunch between 10AM-3PM everyday. Now, on their menu it says the Mac & Cheese is available everyday after 5PM. Since I was only visiting for a week, I sadly did not get to try it due to the timing miscommunications. I just wished there was better communication with the menu and timing as it did hinder the experience. I will definitely go back to try it the next time I am in Hamilton but until then, one will look at pictures and dream about it.

Must Try:

  • Their dinner/food menu looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I would give anything a try on it. As mentioned, the Mac & Cheese seems really popular as well as the empanadas, spiced waffles, avocado toasts and dhal soup. Give any of these a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  • Experiencing one of the nights when they are open until midnight. These events encompass special menus, live entertainment, vinyl tunes and great drinks.


  • The service was good. Nothing specific or special to note about.

  • It was polite, friendly and fairly transactional.

  • 3/5


  • The lattes that I did try were delicious. Subtle in flavor and a great decaf blend.

  • It was rich, creamy and perfect to pair with a dessert.

  • The pear tart was also great! Not too sweet and very flavorful. Would definitely get it again.

  • 4/5


  • In short, this shop is GORGEOUS. It is aesthetically pleasing and has everything you would and could want in a café.

  • This shop took over the former Oswald's gallery space and did a 360 with the interior.

  • The space is all white and complimented with wooden fixtures, floors and tables. The hints of color come from the art, books and that to die for Terrazzo counter top.

  • This space is so wonderful for reading, working or even catching up with friends during the day. I can only imagine the intimate setting and speakeasy feel to this space in the evening.

  • The feature wall with coffee table books are also something special and rare these days. There are also unique art hung on the walls. Walk around the shop and treat it like a museum and it is as beautiful as one.

  • 5/5


  • I will definitely be back again to SYNONYM the next time I am in Hamilton. I am looking forward to trying everything on the menu and heading back there at night for a chill time. Give SYNONYM a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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