Name: Nuttybutter Cafe

Address: 241 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B6

Phones: 4168850093


Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-4PM. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried: Autumn spice, Coconut Cashew, PB&J, Black cacao and Pistachio macarons. Earl Grey Crème Tea Latte, Sencha Tea, and a Latte with Macadamia Milk. Also, the dark chocolate Demi Macaron as well.


  • Located in the quaint and ever changing International Village on King St downtown Hamillton.

  • Everything is organic and 100% natural which makes this place unique and current.

  • The owners were wonderful and always so accommodating.

  • One of a kind Parisian inspired café in Hamilton and everything is made in house.


  • No complaints whatsoever. On a personal level, I wished they had decaf coffee as I was not able to try the beautiful lattes.

Must Try:

  • The macarons are definitely the star of the show. Try any flavors and you will not be disappointed. My personal favorite was the black cacao flavor.

  • They also have vegan vanilla and pistachio gelato that not only looks amazing but tastes wonderful.

  • After I left, they launched their signature Affogato. A Peruvian dark chocolate coated vanilla bean cashew Velato with candied hazelnuts inside, smothered with espresso. Give it a try and let me know how it is!

  • Besides that, they have something that’s known as a "Demi Macaron" that is a Nutty Butter signature. It is an oval shaped, open faced macaron coated in coconut and other toppings depending on which one you get. Trust me, it is delicious!


  • Jo and her husband were the most hospitable and friendliest of hosts. This husband and wife owners lived in Paris and hence brought about the inspiration to open up this café. I visited Nuttybutter twice on my trip back home and both times the service was incredible. I loved the chats and getting to know this duo.

  • Also, I was craving a tea latte that day and although not on the menu, Jo took it upon her to froth some milk and make me one with their Earl Grey Crème. It was delicious!

  • 5/5


  • The macarons are to die for. I am a very fussy macaron eater as I have been spoilt by the likes of Laduree and Pierre Herme throughout the years. These macarons are soft but has that perfect macaron crunch. The flavours really come through on each one. My personal favorite was the Black Cacao one as it was bitter and rich in chocolate flavors. I particularly found the rest of the macarons a little sweeter than I am used to however still rich in flavors.

  • This is probably why I loved the Dark chocolate Hazelnut crunch Demi Macaron so much. It had that perfect macaron texture but did not have the sweetness of a regular macaron. It also comes in a white chocolate coconut cashew flavor.

  • The drinks were all delicious. My sencha green tea was steeped to perfection and my earl grey tea latte was rich and creamy. Perfect for an autumn day as it was that day.

  • 5/5


  • Where do I even begin with the atmosphere and look of this place. Minimalist, clean, bright and emaculate are words I would associate with the look of Nuttybutter. From their Instagram account to the actual shop, these two really know how to create an image and look for their brand.

  • White is the ongoing theme for this café from the walls, counter space, furniture, chandeliers and wall accents. Some dark brown wood fixtures and brass metal signature pieces were flown in from France and complimented the theme well.

  • A minimalist interior and exterior is what I got from visiting Nuttybutter. My favorite pieces were the custom made tiny plates and packaging of their items.

  • This is a perfect spot to do work or to spend quality time with someone as the atmosphere is conducive to that.

  • 5/5


  • I already miss this place! I will definitely be back again to try the rest of the items I did not have the opportunity to indulge. Thank you for having me and good luck with everything. You two will do amazing. Hamilton is lucky to have you! Give a try and you will not regret it!

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