Taiyaki NYC - Toronto

Name: Taiyaki NYC - Toronto

Address: 128 Dundas Street West Taiyaki NYC, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3

Phones: 6473475957

Website: https://taiyakinyc.com/

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12PM-10PM, Friday-Saturday 12PM-11PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $-$$

What I tried:

  • The Signature Taiyaki #6 - Unicorn Taiyaki ($7) & Unicorn Float ($8.85). I did not have to pay as I was in contact with one of the co-owners Jimmy. Thanks for the great hospitality!


  • Located in the heart of Toronto amongst many other eateries and cafes.

  • Everything about this store is very "Instagrammable" as they say. The atmosphere and the product.

  • This famous New York staple has finally ventured out to Canada and in Toronto no less. Their first store in Canada and fourth as a whole.

  • Taiyaki pancakes and pastries are popular in Toronto and Canada. However, Taiyaki NYC has a custom made mold that make their Taiyaki's trademarked to them and special.


  • Nothing negative about my experience here.

Must Try:

  • I asked for the most popular items and as I was told, the Signature Taiyaki's and Unicorn Floats are top sellers. Next time, I would go for the signature matcha beverages as well as they look amazing.

  • If you are interested in just trying the Taiyaki itself, you are in luck as for only $2.65 you can try a traditional Taiyaki with either custard or red bean filling.


  • I was extremely impressed by the service Taiyaki NYC provided. From the amazing Instagram communication I had with Jimmy to my time at the actual store. I love when service has a consistency throughout all means of communication.

  • At the store, I was guided to what I needed and they were very informative and helpful. Ricky who was helping me gave excellent service and knew what he was doing.

  • 5/5


  • The Unicorn Taiyaki - Vanilla soft serve in a warm Taiyaki cone with a red bean bottom. Unicorn sprinkles and fondant ears and horn. This tasted as good as it looked. Very dense and extremely creamy soft serve that compliments the freshly made warm Taiyaki. The Taiyaki itself had a fantastic taste as it was subtle in flavors and had a great red bean filling. My only regret is not getting this in the matcha flavor as I wanted to try the classic ones first.

  • The Unicorn Float - Taro slush with cotton candy sprinkles and whipped cream served on a drink floatie. The most wonderful flavor of Taro comes through in this drink. Not too sweet but subtle and the creamiest taro drink. Very refreshing on a hot summers day although having it in the winter wasn’t so bad either. This drink and its presentation is basically how I heard about Taiyaki NYC and its popularity on Instagram does do it justice. My only qualm about the presentation of this drink is the paper straw. Although I applaud them for the use of paper straws, it was quick to fall apart and made it hard to drink as the unicorn sprinkles got stuck frequently. I had to ditch the straw after half hour or so and just use a spoon.

  • 5/5


  • The interior of this shop was beautiful. Pastel colors and feature walls to do the one thing we were meant to do in shops like these: take lots of photos. Every corner of this shop had a spot for you to take gorgeous photos. The lighting in the shop also was perfect to accomplish this.

  • My favorite part of the shop is the open kitchen and the flower wall. You are able to see the chefs make the Taiyaki's and decorate them per order. The flower wall is beautiful and pink and added a great touch to the shop.

  • It is a small but comfortable space. Plenty of standing room and a few bar seats available at the back of the room.

  • 5/5


  • I will definitely be back again to Taiyaki NYC in the near future. Once I am back in Toronto or during my frequent trips to NYC itself. Give this place and a try and you will be very happy. This isn't just a place for "Instagrammable" food but also surprises you with quality and flavor. Thank again for the invite and see you soon!

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