Kit Kat Chocolatory Pop Up

Name: Kit Kat Chocolatory Pop Up

Address: 423 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A5

Phones: n/a


Hours: Monday to Saturday 11AM-8PM, Sunday 10AM-6PM until June 28.

Price Range: $-$$

What I tried:

  • Custom made Kit Kat bar. Dark chocolate with rose, pistachio and dried cranberries ($16).

"At the Chocolatory, one can not only personalize their bar with fruit, nuts, spices, and other add-ins, create their own packaging, and pick up limited-edition flavors like caramel popcorn and almond, raspberry, rose, and hibiscus, and caramel, pretzel, and pecan, but try Nestlé’s most hyped new debut in decades: ruby chocolate, the “recently-discovered fourth variety” of chocolate, with a rosy hue and natural berry taste that sets it apart from white, milk, and dark" (

I visited the Pop up on a Thursday afternoon and there were only about 10 people in line. The wait was not long at all until we made our way into the store. You are then in line for the kiosk where you can build your own bar. If you are not making a custom bar, you can peruse the store fully and buy already made limited edition Kit Kats ($7). Once getting to the kiosk, you are asked to type in your name, pick flavours and also choose the pattern for your packaging. Once finished, an attended will take your payment and you are given a confirmation via text/email. Your custom made Kit Kat bar will take 60-90 minutes to be made and cooled for pick up.

There is a large and beautiful bay window where you can watch the chocolatiers work and make the custom bars. Also if you are here doing it for the "gram", you will not be disappointed as there are plenty of Instagram worthy shots. There is a room that’s lit with pink neon colors introducing the Ruby chocolate.

I came back a few hours later to pick up my bar and once getting home I got into it. I was expecting the rose, cranberry and pistachios to be in the chocolate itself. However, they were used as a topping to my regular dark chocolate Kit Kat bar so the flavors of the actual Kit Kat bar was ordinary. The bar is significantly larger than the ones you buy from any store, so that is a plus. The packaging that came with my bar however was wonderful and custom. Personally, I do not think $16 for a Kit Kat bar is worth it however, it is a once in a while kind of thing that I had to try. The ruby limited edition bar was sold out during my visit and I did not get the Opportunity to try it.


  • If you have the chance, go and check them out while they are there! The limited edition bars are well worth the time and money. Thank you Kit Kat for a great Pop Up!

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