Gourmet Malaysia

Name: Gourmet Malaysia

Address: 4466 Sheppard Ave E #101, Scarborough, ON M1S 1V2

Phones: 6477641188

Website: http://www.gourmetmalaysia.ca/

Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00AM - 10:30PM

Reservation: Yes (Via telephone)

Price Range: $$(15-30) - $$$(30-50)

What I tried:

  • Kangkung Belacan, Sambal Ikan Bakar, Butter prawns, Nasi Lemak Bungkus, ABC, and Rice.


  • The food is the closest thing to authentic Malaysian food you can come across in the GTA.

  • They sell Malaysian products in a small corner within the restaurant. This includes spices, drinks, and produce.


  • It is a little over an hour to get here from Hamilton, so for me personally this is a con.

  • We had a problem with the bill as they were charging bogus items on there. On top of the tip(which was included on there automatically as 15%) and tax, they were charging a "table service tax". When we asked them what it was and why it was so much, they said this was for "the servers setting the tables". Mind you, this was separate from the tip and tax. Then when my dad proceeded to inquire more about this additional tax, they said it was ok they can waive it this time. Does not make sense to me to add tax at 13%, tip at 15% and then another 15% table service tax. So please check your bill if you decide to try this place.

Must Try:

  • The Nasi Lemak Bungkus and the butter prawns are worth the drive.


  • Servers brought out the wrong items and they were not very helpful with questions.

  • How the bill situation was handled was not good as the manager was rude.

  • 2/5


  • It is not Malaysian 100% but if you are homesick (like me) and crave Malaysian food this is the place to go.

  • 4/5


  • Big space with enough space for big parties.

  • 5/5


  • I do not think I will go back here as it is too far and the service was a big turn off. Maybe for takeout?

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