Name: Moodys

Address: 107 George St, Hamilton, ON L8P 1E3

Phones: 2893096449


Hours: Monday - Thursday 4PM - 12AM, Friday-Saturday 4PM - 2AM, Sunday 12PM-12AM

Reservation: Yes (Online or via phone)

Price Range: $$(15-30)

What I tried:

  • Mafalda Carbonara and Fried Cheese

  • Cocktails (George Street Punch and Down by the Bay)


  • Great location in Hess Village.

  • The have an arcade above the restaurant that is opened everyday from 8PM - 2AM.

  • That fried cheese!


  • My Mafalda Carbonara was disappointing. It was really runny with water and the eggs were overcooked instead of being silky. This made the dish unappetizing. I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to be but I was not a fan.

Must Try:

  • The Fried cheese on the other hand was to die for.

  • Every weekday from 4PM - 7PM they have personal pepperoni pizzas going for $7.99


  • It was pleasant and polite but standard.

  • 4/5


  • Again, I did not have the best experience with the pasta but the fried cheese was great.

  • 3/5


  • Modern, hip and trendy

  • 5/5


  • I always give a restaurant second chances if the first was a little off. I will definitely be back to try other items on the menu. The pizza's seem to be a big hit as they make everything in house. Will be back!

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