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Au Pied de Cochon

Name: Au Pied de Cochon

Address: 536 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A9

Phones: 5142811114

Website: http://www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca/

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 5:00PM - 12:00AM

Reservation: Yes (Online or via phone 1 month in advance)

Price Range: $$$(30-50)

What I tried:

  • Foie Gras Poutine and Chicken Liver Mousse


  • Service was impeccable. I was 30 minutes late due to traffic and they accommodated me no problem.

  • The food lived up to it's hype.

  • The location and feel of the restaurant was great.


  • If you are not a fan of foie gras then this is not the place for you as literally everything is topped with this gourmet ingredient.

  • Easily very pricey for the portion you receive. This is a great stop if you are looking to shock and test your palate.

Must Try:

  • Duck in a Can

  • Maple Crème Brulee

  • Foie Gras Poutine


  • Literally as you finish the last slice of bread and butter you receive as an appetizer, it gets magically filled again. Great service.

  • 5/5


  • I felt like I needed to run a marathon after eating here as everything was extremely rich and heavy.

  • Best quality foie gras yet.

  • 5/5


  • You see literally anyone from tourist to children. Casual yet sophisticated.

  • The place smelled like stew on a Sunday evening at home.

  • 5/5


  • I would definitely go back there with more people willing to try more things. A lot of shareable plates that I could not try as I was with my unadventurous brother.

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