July 1, 2019

Name: Xing Fu Tang

Address: 2675 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5H4

Phones: 6044233773

Website: https://www.xingfutang.ca/

Hours: Monday-Sunday 12PM - 12AM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried: Brown Sugar Pearl Milk & Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea.


  • The first flagship Canada store is in Vancouver straight from Taiwan.

  • The first authentic stir fried brown sugar pearl milk brand.

  • All the key ingredients are imported from the same Taiwanese suppliers to keep the consistency and quality similar to Asia.

  • 6 locations throughout British Columbia.


  • A tad bit sweet as you cannot control how much sugar you want I n your drink.

Must Try:

  • Their flagship product is the "Brown Sugar Pearl Milk". Give this a try as they are famous for this.

  • The Bunny Jelly mango Smoothie is also something I would try as it comes with an adorable rabbit jelly product on top.


  • The service was alright. Nothing special.

  • Polite and professional.

  • 4/5


  • The...

June 1, 2019

Name: Giovane Cafe

Address: 1038 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B9

Phones: 6046955300

Website: https://www.giovanecafe.com/

Hours: Monday-Saturday 6AM-7.30PM & Sunday 6AM-5Pm

Reservation: No

Price Range: $-$$ (I received a 30% for my purchase).

What I tried: Matcha Sugar Bun, Pineapple Coconut Ube cake & Banana Coconut Latte.


  • Located in the gorgeous Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver.

  • Unique flavors for all their pastries and desserts. Italian inspired café with an Asian twist of flavors.

  • Very aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye upon arriving to the location.

  • Quality coffee and food available all day.

  • Great place to grab a bite on a lunch break or just while you are walking about the city.

  • They also have gifts, cards, bags and other local items for purchase while you are there.


  • None

Must Try:

  • They are well known for their sugar buns. Try any of the flavors and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  • The word on the street was for...

May 14, 2019

Name: Peaked Pies

Address: 4369 Main St #105, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Phones: 6049624115

Website: https://www.peakedpies.com/

Hours: Monday-Sunday 8AM-9PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $$

What I tried:

  • Chunky Pepper Steak and the Beef Curry with the add on (Get Peaked).


  • Nestled in the famous Whistler village close to all the action.

  • Traditional Aussie meat pies that are right here in Canada. They have another location in Vancouver as well.

  • Their pies are baked daily and are all handmade in store.

  • Besides the meat pies, they also have sweet and breakfast pies. Not to forget, they also have frozen individually wrapped pies, so you can enjoy them at home!


  • I did not get to try "The Hopper" pie as that was something I was looking forward to. They were all sold out for the day. Also, I got to the shop 10 minutes before they closed so that was my fault.

Must Try:

  • If you are getting a savory pie, I do urge you to try the add on "Get Peaked" option as it makes it...

May 5, 2019

Name: Beta5 Chocolates

Address: 413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P8

Phones: 6046693336

Website: https://shop.beta5chocolates.com/

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10.30AM-5.30PM, Satuday-Sunday 10AM-5PM, Monday: Closed.

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried:

  • Vietnamese Coffee Cream Puff, Lychee Rose Cream Puff, Yuzu Matcha Chocolate, Thai Mango Chocolate and Kaya Toast Polygon bar.


  • One of North America's Top Ten Chocolatiers and known internationally for their desserts.

  • They only use directly traded artisanal chocolates and all the cacao used in their products are ethical and sustainable.

  • Besides the cacao, they use mostly ingredients and flavors that are local and organic.

  • Their flavors are unique, ethnic but with a French twist.

  • Their creations and location are inspired by the local landscape and other worldly flavors.


  • The location as unique as it is was hard to get to if you do not drive. Make sure you have the GPS!

Must Try:

  • Once in awhile...

May 2, 2019

Name: Milkcow Cafe

Address: 762 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L4

Phones: n/a

Website: https://milkcowcafe.ca/

Hours: Monday-Sunday 1PM-9PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried:

  • Milky Cube & Cookie and Cream.


  • Iconic Korean dessert café known for their natural ingredients and flavors. 

  • Organic milk base that makes up their soft serves.

  • Wide and unique selection of toppings and combinations.

  • Located right in the heart of Downtown Victoria.


  • Different locations offer different unique flavors among the standard ones. I was hoping to try the Ube one but I found out later only the Richmond, BC location had it.

Must Try:

  • We only had the time and tummy space to try two. I highly recommend anything really as the main focus is the soft serve. Maybe try something without so many toppings or flavors if you want to experience the soft serve on its on.


  • Normal service. Transactional and nothing too special.

  • 4/5


  • The Cookie and Cream...

May 1, 2019

Name: Bobii Frutii

Address: 157-4800 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3A6

Phones: 6043702533

Website: n/a

Hours: Monday-Sunday 12PM-11PM

Reservation: No

Price Range: $

What I tried:

  • "I Don't Want to Work", Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Matcha Mochi Waffle, Regular Waffle and a Japanese Souffle Cake.


  • Instagrammable drinks that definitely set them apart from the ever growing bubble tea market.

  • They do not use artificial colors or flavoring.

  • 3 different types of tapioca that you can add to any drink.

  • The snacks that they offer besides the bubble teas are also of high quality and delicious.


  • The food and drinks will take some time once you have ordered. Because everything is handcrafted to order, the drinks and snacks take about 15 minutes or so to get to you.

Must Try:

  • The Japanese souffle! Oh my goodness. This was extremely soft and fluffy. I wished I had tried the matcha one as well.

  • Any of the layered bubble teas. Not too sweet and very flavorful.


  • ...
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